Before a race registration can be carried out, a user account with a unique email address must be created. The user must log in via the "Login" button in the upper horizontal menu bar.

For all those who have already created an account, it is necessary to continue using it, otherwise the allocation in the database will be missing and thus results will not be displayed. If someone has forgotten their username or password, this can be requested again.

When registering, all personal details are requested in the registration form.

The information provided when creating a user profile must be entered carefully and correctly. On the one hand, this information will appear on the participant, start and result lists and, on the other hand, this can help to avoid problems occurring during race registration.

The personal details can be adjusted at any time in the user profile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Registration/User Profile:

What do I have to consider when creating my user profile?

The information provided when creating a user profile must be entered carefully and correctly. On the one hand, this information will appear on the lists of participants, starts and results and, on the other hand, it can help to avoid any problems that may arise during race registration.

Why do I have to register?

So that I can register for one or more races via!

Can I register for a race without registration/user profile?

No, that is not possible.

I would like to register several people under my profile - I am the sports director of a team

- I must first register in the GINOVA TIMING database as a new user and validate my registration.

- I log in with my email and password.

- I fill in the fields in "My profile". They will be used afterwards as soon as I want to register for an event.

- To register several people under my profile or my athletes as a sports manager, I go to the "My team" tab.

- I add all the sportsmen and women I want to put in my team. I will then be able to modify the contact details, add other members or even delete them. As with my own profile, I fill in the necessary fields for all subsequent registrations.

- I can then go to an event and register the people in my team.

- When I have completed my registration for the event, I go to my "Shopping Cart" and proceed to payment.

- If you encounter a problem, the organizer of the event can inform you, like GINOVA TIMING.


Use of the site with a smartphone

In order to facilitate reading the site and the inscriptions, put the smartphone in a horizontal position.

The site menu is located at the top right (3 horizontal lines :

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - General:

What are the general conditions that apply to participation in a race?

The general conditions are defined by the regulations and the waiver of liability and are binding for all participants!

Points such as class division and age limit, protective clothing, compulsory training, starting distances, starting order, red flag, points classification, prize money, starting fees, responsibility etc. are regulated and can be read here.

For further details, please read the relevant regulations.